Stavanger Ysteri

//  Illustration for Brand identity , 2020 

Stavanger Ysteri is an urban cheese factory in the industrial city of Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. By only using raw milk, Lise Brunborg honours the traditional recipes handed down through generations and brings to life the “terroir” of the milk. Lise's approach to cheesemaking combines tradition and science, which positions her at the forefront of a growing movement towards local, organic food production. By bridging chemistry with a conscious connection to nature and farming, Stavanger Ysteri belongs to the future of food.

2021, Visuelt Gold
2021, Visuelt Diploma
2021, European Design Awards Finalist
2021, Visuelt Gold

Comissioned + AD: Olsson & Barbieri
Photography: Anne Valeur

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