The New York Times

//  “10 Unforgettable Marriage Proposals” - Style Section

AD: Jeremy Allen & Tonya Douraghy

The New York Times

//  Spot Illustrations - People & Newspaper

Daily spot illustrations in the NYT “Of Interest” section, Page 3,  for the month of Septembre 2022.

AD: James Blue

Selected Work for Society of illustrators 65th Exihibition and Book

Les Echos Week-End

//  “Dix règles d’or pour se (re)mettre à courrir” 

"Ten golden rules to (re)start running"

AD: Alice Lagarde

The New York Times

//  Style Section

“ Decoding the Dress Code: What to wear to a wedding now”, 2022
Main Illustration + 6 Spot illustrations

AD: Tonya Douraghy


//   St. Moritz Neswpaper - Summer 22
        Commissioned by Winkreative

        AD: Mariana Sameiro

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