Born in Brazil, Debora Szpilman is an independent illustrator based in Paris.

Graduated in Architecture by Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, her fascination for stetics and the human body led her to continue her studies, this time in fashion at Studio Berçot, where she gratuated as Major Promo.

After working two years side by side with Azzedine Aläia, today she continues to explore her sensibility and feelings through her illustrations.

I’m easy to find on Instagram as @deboraszpilman and always available at

The New Yorker
New York Magazine
Air France Magazine
24 Sèvres
J. Marshall / Comission studio

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Née au Brésil,Debora Szpilman est une illustratrice indépendante basée à Paris.

Diplômée en Architecture à l’Université Fédérale de Rio de Janeiro, sa fascination entre le corps et l’esthétique lui fait entreprendre des études de mode. Elle finit Major de sa Promotion au Studio Berçot.

Après avoir travaillée 2 ans aux côtés d’Azzedine Alaïa, elle continue aujourd’hui d’explorer sa sensibilité et ses sentiments à travers ses illustrations.

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